RNG Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

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43, Ekamara Marg, Unit VI

I/We, the undersigned, request for allotment of a Residential Flat Simplex/ Duplex in your Group Housing Complex as METROPOLIS HIGH, Bhubaneswar, being developed in SUNDARPUR Mouza under/ out right/ Down Payment/ Installment Payment Plan.

In the event of our agreeing to allot a Flat/ Simplex/ Duplex I/We agree to make Full Payment/ Pay in Installments the sale price and other charges/ dues as broadly stipulated in the Term and Conditions for registration and allotment which is part of this Application Form and as we have understood from the Flat Buyer’s Agreement and the Payment Plan.

I/We further agree to sign and execute the requisite Flat/Simplex/ Duplex Buyer’s Agreement as and when desired by the company i.e. M/s RNG Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. On its standards formant. I/We in the meantime have signed and agreed and abide by terms and conditions of sale attached to application form.