RNG Group

Top management of the company is led and guided by the Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Mano Ranjan Biswal. Mr. Biswal a leader himself has successfully raised a team of leaders. The team has proved itself in odds and challenges sticking firmly to the value system. The top management team has the right blend of rich experience and professional qualification for their respective responsibilities. The team believes in making shoulders strong than praying for lighter loads. This team of torch bearers of RNG has made an indelible mark in corporate world and now making value additions to the organization. A brief profile of these top management professionals is as follows:

Chairman & Managing Director
Mr. M. R. Biswal

Mr. Biswal has an expertise in business both wholesale & retail, Civil construction & a special interest in Education & Information Technology Solutions. He is enthusiastic, daring and eager to experience new ideas. During his 15 years of Business Experience he has researched on personnel’s who came in contact with him and strongly believes that any solution of the problem lies within the person and can be attained. If only the person believes the problem can be solved.

Mr. Biswal is confident to handle any kind of rough & tough situations. He has found as it is his most interesting subject, side by side he also wants to convert this IT Solution chapter into a fine business sector, which is the most fascinating & interesting subject of the times.

Mrs. D. Biswal

She has a professional intuition and interest in looking after critical management and business situations as well as human resource management. Apart from her attention of her duties & responsibilities she also handles the ownerships of one of the most finest showroom of consumer electronic product in the city. She is dynamic, intelligent and hard working. She has an uncanny business sensibility.