“18th Feb 2011: Me and my wife Suparna were travelling back from my village(80 Km west of Bhubaneswar) to catch Falaknuma Exp. at Bhubaneswar. The initial ambience of ripe paddy fields, clean air & never congested roads was gradually getting metamorphosed (as we approached the city) to Concretes around, stink of diesel smoke and slow traffic. we were yet to decide where to own a house and settle.

The conflict: if settle down in rural areas, what about good hospitals, a good Train-Junction/an Airport ? We were to visit a new construction site at Sunderpur: saw a nice blend of Rural-Ambience & Modern-Amenities because of closeness of the Metropolis, in the site for "Metropolis High". After a few days of information exchange with RNG groups( specially Smita Madam) and hectic Round table discussions with our children(son-Soumya & daughter-Srishti), finally booked a flat in 'Daisy' on 12th Mar 2011- visualising " Our Dream Home" taking shape. Thanks to RNG Groups”.

“Metropolis High- The project will mark a revolution to the Bhubanswar development. Expected to be built on 11.4 acres land, will provide quality living for 700+ families with all modern amenities. The customer relationship is excellent till date and hopefully will continue the same... I am excited to see the project getting kicked off and being accomplished within a stipulated time frame....”

Bibhupada and Banashree

Locational advantage with lush green environment away from pollution, along with exterior and interior architectural view of the apartment attracted us. It will definitely give a comfortable and luxurious life style feelings to its residents. From investment point of view, it will definitely give us the return in term of money and satisfaction over on expectation.